Thay's Hermitage in Upper Hamlet

This picture of Thay's hermitage in Upper Hamlet was taken on my trip to Plum Village in 2006. It was winter time so the weather was less cooperative than I would have liked. Earlier, in 2000, I took several pictures of Thay on the deck of the hermitage, which I'll share in a later post.

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Daffodils Bloom Every Spring

On fine late winter day in Plum Village Upper Hamlet I came across these lovely daffodils. Sister Chan Khong has a wonderful song about them and I'll incorporate it into a post later on.

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Thay Greeting Monks After Walking Meditation

I took this picture in New Hamlet after a period of walking meditation in 2006. We were blessed to have Thay sit and walk with us that day. This was the same day I had breakfast with Thay. You'll be able to read the story in a later post.

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Monks in Sanghati Robes

This picture was taken in Lower Hamlet in the year 2000. It was during my first trip to Plum Village and it was during the Tet Celebration. Many people attended the daily rituals performed by Thay. Being a newcomer, I did not have the opportunity to put a question in the big bell for Thay or one of the senior monks to read and reply to. The ceremonies were very interesting.

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